5 Questions Every Investor Should Ask Before Parting With Their Money


Making an investment can be a daunting task especially if you do not have enough experience in investments. However, even if you have enough experience in this field it is always good to make wise decision on the kind of investment you want to undertake. Before parting with your money there are some questions that you need to ask before taking the action to invest. Below are 5 questions every investor should ask before parting with money.

1. Why do you want to invest?

Every investor has the main goal of making money grow when investing. However, this reason is not enough for you to part with your money. It is important to have specific objectives why you want to spend your hard earned money. For example, you need to ask yourself if you want to earn extra money, save for retirement or other reasons. In case you have several objectives list them down and assign their necessity to you.

Four questions every investor should ask their advisor

Four questions every investor should ask their advisor

2. How much are you willing to invest?

This question will help you determine your budget. It is important to know the amount of money you have in order to have a better perspective on the available investment opportunities you can afford. Determine whether you will roll over your returns meaning that the income received will be reinvested back to your investment. The question will also help stay within the limit of the money you are ready to spend.

3. How risky is your investment?

It is always good to note that investments might take time before returning income. It is also worth noting that various assets increase and decrease in value at different rates. Understand the goals you have in investing in order to understand the level of risk you can take. Bear in mind that long term investment give low to moderate return for less risk investment. On the other hand, short term investments have high risk of losing your money but have high yield.

4. How much time will you commit to your investment?

One of the big mistakes that many investors especially beginners make is to think that they will just sit down and see their money grow. It is good to understand that you need to invest your time in order to succeed in your investment. Therefore, before parting with your money for investment ask yourself if you have that time required for the investment of your choice. Note that active participation is key to gaining income in your investment. If you do not have enough time, better not invest to reduce losing your money.

Two questions every investor should ask

Two questions every investor should ask

5. Do you have emergency funds?

As mentioned above, investment is a risk where you can gain or lose money. It is, therefore important to ask yourself if you have extra funds that you can put into the business if you lose some of your investment. It is advisable to have some emergency funds to cater for such situations that are common in business investments.

By asking yourself the five questions, you stand a high chance of succeeding in your investments. The questions will act as a guide towards making a wise decision and avoid making investment mistakes that can be costly. Do not rush to answer the question; instead take your time to have the most effective answers to the questions.

Top 3 Ways Pinterest Boost Your Small Business

Like the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words,” the current rave allotted for Pinterest by small business owners comes without no doubt the wisest thing to do. This social media platform has been growing in significance ever since its recent inception. Instead of mere display of words, this paves the way to a more visual way of online marketing and promotional tactics giving rise to a more head-to-head competitive arena among business sectors in various industries. By allowing small business players to post and share images of their product or services, a member or site user can gain more direct perspective on what he will be getting. Today, promotional battles are brought into new heights. With the help of Pinterest, it has become more visual and entertaining allowing small businesses more chance at a fair playing field.

Pinterest Boosts Your Brand Awareness Campaign

For small businesses, building their brand online can come with a heavy responsibility. There are thousands of similar players online which one has to contend with. But through Pinterest, you can help both your existing and potential customers acquire more understanding on your business point of view. The site gives you an opportunity to impart what you believe are important and what inspires your business. There are certain things that mere words cannot express but when shown in pictures with apt description, you customers will be able to get to know your brand better. This gives them a whole new perspective on what your business aims to establish. The key, however, in achieving this is to focus on your brand’s lifestyle rather than on its products or services. Through employment of effective means in engaging pinners and re-pinners, you can guarantee increasing awareness to your brand and achieve results.

10 Best Ways To Optimize Your Newly Created Pinterest Business Page

10 Best Ways To Optimize Your Newly Created Pinterest Business Page

Enjoy Traffic Coming In With Pinterest

Like everything else online, the degree of traffic coming in to your board will help make or break your business. Most small businesses rely on onsite advertising revenue. With this, the need to encourage users to actually click and visit your actual site should be focused upon. Likes and re-pins are great but clicking through would give more incentive your potential customers as well as to your online offering. The more traffic coming in, the greater is the chance of increasing your returns.

It Is Free Advertisement

Of course, it is free advertisement! Small businesses have diminutive, often nonexistent, budget for promotion and advertising. With Pinterest, you can showcase your products and services in an engaging and visual manner giving your potential customers a glimpse on your offers. These boards can be easily pinned and re-pinned thereby creating a viral following. You just need to make great pictures and design with the right description that will flatter the interest of the Pinterest community member. This works a lot like SEO only you will be dealing more with pictures but, all the same, your choice of words will matter. Through careful fusion of promotional objectives with your banding goals, you can effortlessly advertise and enjoy results in no time.

Pinterest is an online pinboard.

Pinterest is an online pinboard.

Indeed, Pinterest has become a strong force to reckon with. Trotting behind Facebook at a close second, this social media platform can easily turn your small business into a thriving one in no time at all. With just a few tricks of developing your own board, you can easily lure in more potential clients and build up your business identity online in no time.

You Really Need To Consider Staying Single

Let’s face it, being married will definitely come with its benefits, but they are nothing compared to the benefits associated with staying single. It maintains doors open to plenty of options and opportunities in life. Irrespective of your gender, you should never take your independence lightly, even though you might think you have found yourself the right partner, of your dream for that case. But in case you are not ready to a walk down the aisle. Here are 5 reasons to stay single:

More time to find the right partner

If you are not sure that you really love that other person you are with and neither are you sure of being with him/her for the years to come, it will be advisable that you do not take that step of lifetime commitment, which is getting married. This is to help you avoid making a decision you are bound to regret for your entire life. Staying single will give you a lot of time to play the dating game until you find your soul mate. Most men and women who make this mistake of rushing into this unhealthy relationship end up divorced or become unfaithful. Avoid making a lifetime mistake by marrying the wrong partner.

Do you think it is better to be single or to be married?

Do you think it is better to be single or to be married?

All the late nights to yourself

For a single person, every night is a night out. On the other hand a married person constantly has to compromise and do what his/her partner wants done, whether willingly or not. A single person always has in his/her possession plenty of spare time to engage in impromptu plans, which do not involve boring book clubs and baby showers.

More time with your friends

When you are single you have all the time to build friendships, which could last a life time, which contrast to when you are married, whereby you end up putting your buddies and BFF’s on the back-burner. You are very free to hang-out with friends, party till late and sleep till noon the following day when single. On the contrary, you are at risk of losing your good friends because your spouse does not like them or even dictates to you how you are no longer allowed to hung-out with them

More focus to your career

Being single give you enough time and room to focus on your career and achieve your potential to the fullest without being drained of tons of energy as a result of being in a permanent relationship/marriage. It allows you to put in more hours, work at every spare time you get or undertake whatever it takes to ensure you are successful, and at the same time be free to spend your hard earned money however you see fit.

8 Reasons Why It Might Be a Good Idea to Stay Single

8 Reasons Why It Might Be a Good Idea to Stay Single

Freedom to do as you please and whenever you please

Being single give you the freedom to go wherever you want, at the time of your choice without anyone stopping or enquiring from you why. You can enjoy your personal space, watch your favorite programs on TV, attend a live basketball, football or soccer match, walk to and out of the bathroom naked or take a shower with the bathroom door open, privileges disappear once you get married.

The 5 reasons to stay single are just but a sample of reason why you should not make your biggest mistake of getting married when not ready.